SANTA Gathering in Blue Ridge…

Everyone knows there’s only one Santa, one REAL Santa that is….. so, how do we explain 50 or so Santas showing up at one place? They are Santa’s helpers and you never know, the Santa you are talking with could be the real one… or not.  The call went out on “FEEST”  Real Bearded Santa’s of North Georgia Luncheon  http://feest.us/Real-Bearded-Santas-of-North-Georgia-Luncheon-Blue-Ridge-09-21  

It was time for all the Santas in the North Georgia area to get together and prepare for Christmas. It was a buffet lunch at Tin Loon in Blue Ridge and then a ride on The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway to cap off the event. One thing more fun than a barrel of monkeys? You guessed it, a train full of Santas. Or a downtown full of Santas! As you may know the Blue Ridge Train travels to the dual town of  McCaysville Ga. /Copperhill Tn. The town has a blue line running through it, one side is in Georgia, the other side is in Tennessee. It’s a bit bizarre really. Then ad about 50 Santas roaming the streets and it becomes surreal! Was this a Candid Camera stunt. “Double-Takes” could be seen everywhere! What the H&%$# is going on here looks could be seen all over town.

The Santas were well behaved though. The authorities were not alerted although they congregated in a… you guessed it…. Christmas Store!!!! Ever see 50 Santas… LIVE Santas all pile into a Christmas store?! It’s hilarious! I was on “Santa Overload”! The Santas shopped, had a bite to eat, explored the dual town and then the train blew its VERY loud whistle and all knew it was time to head back to the train and enjoy a nice relaxing ride back to Blue Ridge.

Interesting irony: Trains used to be powered by lumps of coal….. think about it.


Real Bearded Santas Of North Georgia



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