Wanna Win a Million Dollars?

If you do you are in the WRONG place, lol. But we do have $50 to give away along with some other great prizes…

“You never know…  I have lots of things I need to get out of the house.
It might be an old chair, that black velvet painting of Elvis Presley….
or it could be some gift certificates for dinner for two or even my big screen T.V!” You just never know!
But you WILL win $1 A Year For Life! (Or $50 Lump Sum Payment) THAT is for sure!            – Publisher “Griz”

Email Us Your Name, Address and Contact Number –  Winners will be chosen by random selection.
Winner must be willing to have Name & Receiving Prize Photo published.
Email Your Entry To… InfoTheBestOfEllijay@Ellijay.com